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Child/sibling component

The Child/Sibling component displays all subpages under a shared parent page. It displays links in a grouped link block format. It can be placed on each subpage to show fellow sibling pages, or on the parent page itself to show all of its subpages.


What you'll need


The component includes these areas:  

  • Component title -- Required. Populate manually.  
  • Component subtitle -- Optional. Populate manually. 
  • Links to subpages -- Automatically displays hero title of subpage.
  • Descriptions under each link -- Optional. Displays hero subtext of subpage. Alternately, you can populate the Short Description field* on the subpage to override the hero subtext on the child/sibling component. 


How does it look?


Whether used in a Child or Sibling position, the display is the same.



Child/Sibling component with no description

Sibling component with descriptions turned on.


Inside the component


Component used on a parent page (no link needed)



Component used on a subpage (parent page link needed)

*The Short Description field is located on the Common tab under the Hero field.