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Featured Content component

The Featured Content component provides an opportunity to showcase up to four items of content. It can be useful in place of a list, card links, or block links. Images should be used for each piece of featured content.

This item is available on either a General or Campaign page. 

Tip: Think strategically. This feature can be visually powerful, especially if you think through your image strategy. Work with the Design team to create images that correspond. Keeping a complimentary background color in mind will only help make this stand out more.

How to use it

Pick Featured Content from the Flexible Content list. 

You must create a Related Content Section Title. Related Content Section Subtext is optional. 

Next, select a background color and whether or not there will be a button. The button can either be an arrow or play button.

Next, add a Reusable Related Content card

In this particular component, you must create a Reusable Related Content Card (aka here as a node) for each page you’d like to include. This is different than most components, where you link directly to a page. 

Select Add new node or Add existing node. 

To add a new node: 

  1. Click into “Related Cards” tab and select “Add new node.” 
  2. Title: Name it for internal reference, so that you can identify it as a reusable related content card in the content list or an autofill. For example, “IAS reusable card Advisor tech.” Do not name it as the page name, which would be indecipherable from the actual page in autofills. 
  3. Card Content Options: Select “Link to Existing Page” (the other options are not available at this time.)
  4. Card Page: Select your desired page using the autofill.
  5. Click the "Create node" button.
  6. Repeat for each page you want to include.


You can also select an existing node.

  1. Select “Add existing node”
  2. Type in the name of the node (in our example, type in “IAS reusable card Advisor tech” and choose it from the autofill