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Using generic forms

We have a number of generic forms that can be used on any page, instead of requesting a custom form. 


How to use them


  1. You'll need a live thank you page before adding your form.
  2. Choose from two components: 
    • Using a CTA: Limited to 3 fields. Add a generic form to a CTA using the reusable CTA component and typing "GEN_US" "GEN_UK" GEN_CA" or "GEN_FR"  to select from the available forms in your region. 
    • Directly on a page: Add directly to a page using the Form component and clicking on "Add existing node" then typing "GEN_US" "GEN_UK" GEN_CA" or "GEN_FR"  to select from the available forms in your region.
  3. Fill in the Options tab with the applicable information. 


Available generic forms 


US - English

  • GEN_US_FORMD_2204_Email
  • GEN_US_FORMD_2204_First_Last_Email
  • GEN_US_FORMD_2204_First_Last_Email_Phone_Comm
  • GEN_US_FORMD_2204_First_Last_Organization_Email
  • GEN_US_FORMD_2204_First_Last_Org_Email_Comments
  • GEN_US_FORMD_2204_First_Last_Email_Comments


UK - English

  • GEN_UK_FORMD_2204_Email
  • GEN_UK_FORMD_2204_First_Last_Email
  • GEN_UK_FORMD_2204_First_Last_Firm_Email
  • GEN_UK_FORMD_2204_First_Last_Firm_Email_Comm
  • GEN_UK_FORMD_2204_First_Last_Email_Comments
  • GEN_UK_FORMD_2204_First_Last_Email_Telephone_Comm


CA - English or French

(French forms connected to their Canada English counterparts using Drupal's translation feature, so they will automatically switch to French when you translate your page)

  • GEN_CA_FORMD_2204_Email / GEN_CA-FR_FORMD_2204_Email
  • GEN_CA_FORMD_2204_First_Last_Email / GEN_CA-FR_FORMD_2204_First_Last_Email
  • GEN_CA_FORMD_2204_First_Last_Organization_Email / GEN_CA-FR_FORMD_2204_First_Last_Firm_Email
  • GEN_CA_FORMD_2204_First_Last_Org_Email_Comments / GEN_CA-FR_FORMD_2204_First_Last_Firm_Email_Comm
  •  GEN_CA_FORMD_2204_First_Last_Email_Telephone_Comm / GEN_CA-FR_FORMD_2204_First_Last_Email_Phone_Comm
  • GEN_CA_FORMD_2204_First_Last_Email_Comments / GEN_CA-FR_FORMD_2204_First_Last_Email_Comments