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Using Card links

Card links are used to promote page links in a card format. It is mainly used within Audience section (Who we serve and What we do) pages, but can be placed on any page. 

  • Exception: there is a Card link group component, which adds a wrap around the car, but that is only available on the Overview page.

Card links can be used with or without images. 

Card link without image - displays up to two cards in a row.


Card link without image - displays one card per row, with the image to the right.


How to set up in Drupal

The Card link text serves as the title/header

The Card link subtext serves as the card description

While the Card link URL is optional, we recommend always having a place for the card to link to.

Audience section Who we are and What we do are intended to use the cards with imagery. Go to the Optional image tab and select your image from the Webdam library. 

To add more card links, click the Add card link button in the bottom left corner.