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Adding related content to your pages

NEW Related Content (Reusable)

To create Related Content that is intended to be used across multiple pages, use the Related Content (reusable) component. 

Note: the original Related Content component can still be used for one-off instances

  • Start by creating a new node by selecting "Add new node" and follow the traditional steps below.

  • Title the node something memorable, followed by RC 

  • Once you've created the Related Content node, it will be available for future use under "Add existing node"

The Related Content component is used to dynamically pull together a variety of pages based on filters. It displays as cards or a list and can be placed anywhere on the page.

It includes settings for Title and Format, Filters, and Optional Button 

Title and format tab

Related content title - The title of the component, visible on the page

It might say something like:

  • Related blog posts
  • More from The Intersection
  • Additional case studies
  • Latest episodes

Related content title subtext - Displays as a subtitle under the component title; visible on the page

Related content format - determines the look and feel of the content card (image vs no image, light or dark card)

Related content layout - determines the layout of the content cards on the page. Choose from 2 to 3 cards or a list format (inline). 

Related content background color - adds a gray or white background wrapper to the component. This can be used to help the content section stand out. 

Scroll down to see examples of these display options.




Select from a variety of filters to display your content. The filters pull from the individual page taxonomy, and can be as general or specific as you would like them to be. 

NEW Author filter

Important: make sure the page taxonomy matches the selected Related Content categories exactly. 

Example: If a related content filter indicates Topic, Unit, and Team, the content must have acceptable values selected for Topic, Unit, and Team.

If your page has Unit and Team tagged, but does not have a Topic selected, it will not display in the Related Content.


Optional button


You can add a button to the bottom of your related content flexible content. It leads the visitor to the content's full listing page.


Example display options


Card view





Inline view