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How to use the filtered lists

Filtered lists are intended to be used on to build out Listing pages, but can also be used for other purposes. They display a list of related content with filter dropdowns. 


Component set up



Title and Format

  • When using on a Listing page, this field can be left blank.
  • If used lower on a page, a title would be useful to introduce the content area.



There are a variety of different filters to choose from to specify your content. Be sure that the tags you select are also selected in the related content pages themselves.

  • Related topics Shown as a dropdown
  • Related categories Shown as a dropdown
  • Related markets Shown as a dropdown
  • Related units
  • Related teams
  • Related page types
  • Author

Important: make sure the page taxonomy matches the selected Filtered List categories exactly. 

Example: If a Filtered List filter indicates Topic, Unit, and Team, the content must have acceptable values selected for Topic, Unit, and Team.

If your page has Unit and Team tagged, but does not have a Topic selected, it will not display in the Filtered List.


Filter Options

You can have up to 3 dropdowns, but have the option to show or hide your preferred filters.


The final result!


Here is an example page for your reference.