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Submitting web content into the workflow

All content that gets published to the website must be reviewed and approved by the Web Content Team.  We use a workflow system within Drupal to accomplish this. 


Step 1. Draft – Create a new page or edit an existing page. Keep your page in Draft status until you’re ready for the review to begin. You can save your page in Draft as long as you need.

Step 2. Editor Review – Submit your page into the workflow. We’ll review and provide edits and recommendations. Use the Revision Log Message on the right side of your open page to give us any notes or background information about the page. 



Step 3. Needs Edits – We’ll put the page into this status if anything needs correcting, along with our comments or questions. When you’re ready, set the status to Editor Review again to resubmit. 

Step 4. Author Review – When the page is ready to go forward, we’ll send it back to you in Author Review status. This step is here for you to get any needed final approvals from your team and Legal. 



Step 5. Ready to Publish – Submit for publishing when ready; this step indicates your sign off on the page. 

Step 6. Publish – We publish the page


Please allow a 48-hour turnaround time for us to review your content (we handle a lot of projects).

If you have a special circumstance, please talk to us ahead of time, so we can make the correct decisions on our side that support you.  

As always, ask any questions: email Lindsey Opsahl or Lisa Smith.