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The art of the thank you page

The humble thank you page offers surprisingly helpful potential benefits such as:

  • Nurturing a visitor’s interest
  • Helping increase page depth, which factors into Google’s SEO algorithm
  • Creating a friendly, approachable feel

It’s also a functional guide for the visitor, and needs to accomplish the following: 

  • Thank them
  • Validate that their form submission was received correctly
  • Set expectations about what happens next (if anything)
  • Provide a link back to the page they were on before they filled out the form, if applicable. (In Drupal you can utilize the parent page field to create a breadcrumb link in the header.)
  • Give them more content to explore


Example copy: 

Thank you

We've received your form submission. 

Look for our email containing your requested content in the next few minutes.

Thanks for connecting with us. 

Get to know us better. Explore these useful links. 

<include card links or related content to your insights, blog, or other relevant links to nurture their interest>


Good examples:  


Learn more about thank you page optimization:  Use These 13 Awesome Examples to Master Thank You Pages