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How to build CTAs with forms

If you'd like your form to stand out, you have the option to add it in a CTA.

Request CTA form code from the Eloqua team via a WorkFront project to get started. 

Important: CTAs can only support forms with up to 3 fields.

References: How to build CTAs, How to request & create forms

  • Content > Add content > Reusable CTA
  • In the CTA Content area:
    • Fill out the applicable title and lede
    • Leave CTA Button URL and Link text blank (the Eloqua code contains the button)
  • In the Format area: IMPORTANT
    • Adding a form to a CTA is an option only when Include Image or Include Icon is selected in the Format tab. Complete the appropriate fields.
    • Click back to the Content tab. You will notice CTA FORM is now available.
  • Select Add new form. In the Add Existing Node field, search for the form name as provided to you by the Web team (via your Workfront project). Click Add node
  • An Options tab will appear. Complete the necessary fields. There is no need to add a form title in a CTA.
  • Click Create Form
  • If your CTA is complete, click Save.




Standard CTA with form



Two column form


If you have more than one field, you can request a two-column styled form from the Eloqua team.



CTA with form and image


Like a standard CTA, you can add an image to the left or right side of the module, or use an icon.