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Reusable Tabs Navigation

Create up to four on-page navigation tabs on your General or Campaign page. Use it to link to other pages that are directly connected. Do not use it for related content such as Insights. 

In the Flexible Content Tab, choose the Tabs Navigation (reusable) from the Flexible Content drop-down and pick "Add new node" or Add existing node." 

If you're creating a new node (aka component): 

  •  In the Title field, name your new node for internal management, i.e. your unit abbreviation, keyword from your page topic.
  • Choose the tab color.

  • Populate tabs with names and links to desired pages (using autofill field). Add additional tabs as needed. 

If adding an existing navigation tab to your page, choose "Add existing node" and begin typing the component's title into the Node autofill field.