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Tile group content component

The Tile Group Component

The Tile Group component creates a grid of different tile cards and provides open/close functionality through a modal (pop-up) window for each tile. It can be useful for displaying a calendar of events or categories of content (examples below). 

Each tile displays a title, photo, and optional subtext. When clicked, the tile will open a modal (pop-up) window that contains optional, additional content such as: a title, subtext, and up to two link buttons.

Example of Tile Group Component as an event calendar.

Example of the Tile Group Component as category of content.

Example of a tile modal (pop-up) window.

How to create a Tile Group

Step one: Set up the Tile Group.

To add, select the Tile Group content option from the flexible content list and add your Tile Group Title.

Tile Group position in the flexible content dropdown menu

The Tile Group Title form field.

Step two: Add tile content.

Now, you are working on the first tile. The tile content is displayed on an individual tile in the tile group. Short and concise language works best here.

To display entire Tile Subtext, uncheck the truncate subtext box. This is the best option if you wish to write a unique Modal Subtext later on. Finally, select the Tile Image from the Webdam library.

Step three: Add Modal Content.

This content will be displayed in the modal (pop-up) window and can be used to elaborate on information presented in the Tile Content. Click Tile Modal tab to access optional modal content. If left blank, it defaults to the Tile Content. 

How to rearrange tiles

If closed, open the Tile Group by clicking ‘edit’. Then click and hold on the arrows symbol on a tile and drag it to the desired location.