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Block links

Block links can be used as call-to-action buttons on your page to subtly promote relevant content. 

  • Under Flexible Content, select Add Block Link.
  • This adds a single block link. To create a group of block links (ex: to showcase child pages), select Add Block Link Group under Flexible content.
  • Appears with an arrow icon to the right of the text.


The Block Link consists of:

  • Block link text
  • Block link subtext (optional)
  • Block link URL
  • Block link left icon image
    • By default, the Block link shows an arrow icon image on the right, but an additional icon can be added to the left. Select your preferred icon image from the Conceptual Icons folder in Webdam.



Format options

  • Block link variant
    1. Primary - red text
    2. Secondary - black text
  • Block link size
    1. ​Small
    2. Medium
    3. Large