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Drupal glow up. Managing CTAs. Web image request tips.

December 8, 2022

New: Drupal interface gets a makeover

The next time you open Drupal, you’ll see that a sleek new theme has been applied to its inner workings, thanks to the Dev team. This transformation is only skin deep—all the fields, components, and settings are exactly the same. 

New: Taxonomy for CTAs

We added unit and team tagging to the Reusable CTA component so that you can filter the content list and see what your team has already built. We’ll tag the existing ones over the next week or two. Remember to tag new CTAs and tell me about any that are out-of-date, so we can delete them.  

Tips: Power up your digital image design requests 

Marketers, don’t keep details to yourself when creating an image request. Designers need context and original file sources in order to complete digital image requests quickly. Without some basic information, requests take longer.  

Here’s how to make the process as smooth as possible:

  1. Use Workfront template “Web image or graphic – Custom.” 
  2. Don’t skimp on the description:  
    • Where will this image live? What type of page? 
    • Is it for a hero, body, CTA, or something else? 
    • Is it a graph, chart, or conceptual image? 
    • What concepts should it represent? Add your own ideas. 
    • Include any page copy that will accompany it 
  3. Source it: If you’re repurposing something, include a high res image, original graph/chart data, or reference another Workfront project containing the original.
  4. Be available. Your designer may have questions or need direction. Be sure someone is available to respond. 
  5. Be aware of timelines: Most design projects take about 3-4 days. More complex projects take more time.