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New headings styling. Related content by author.

October 6, 2022

New headings styling

We recently updated the heading styles on the site so that you can use them from largest to smallest and they’ll be in their proper numerical order (a best practice for SEO that we have talked about ad nauseam). Most notably—and here it gets a little complicated to explain—the heading style update uncoupled the Introduction style from the H4 heading. As a result, if you have intro text on a page, it may now show up as H4 instead, which we need to fix. The Content team is working through all audience section overview pages and spot checking lower level pages. You may find occasional pages that have H4 where your intro copy should be at the top of your pages, and you’ll need to switch those.  

If you have any pages saved in Draft, see if they are affected. We won’t be able to update and publish them until you submit them. 

While we are talking about pages in Draft, please get in the habit of checking through yours periodically and if they are not actively being worked on, moving them out of Draft so that we can better do manual maintenance tasks.

Show off your authors’ work

We recently added a filter item to the Related Content and the Filtered List components that displays pages from the same author. This is a great idea for the bottom of blog posts or the People pages of prolific authors. 

To use it, you must first add an author component to each page you want to include. In turn, to use the author component, you must have a People page for your author. 

Check out the instructions in the Drupal guide:
•    How to add related content by author to your page 
•    How to use the Author Component (hint, you can add more than one author here)