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Some steps you might be missing when building your page

February 2, 2023

We have noticed some areas in Drupal are not being utilized very much, and it could be dragging down your pages’ potential. Here’s a checklist of often-neglected Drupal fields and tools. 

Date field

When you create pages for blogs, articles, news and other insights, make sure your page's publish date field is populated with the correct date for your content. It’s tempting to skip it, but if you do, any future updates—no matter how small—will cause the display date of your page to change. The date field is located at the bottom of the Common tab inside your page.

Workflow email field

This is a fairly new requirement. Add an individual team member’s email, and they will be notified when a page reaches the age of one year without having been updated. This is part of our effort to manage outdated content. The Workflow email is located on the right side inside your page, under the revision log message.

Taxonomy for CTAs

We have added taxonomy to the Reusable CTA. You can now locate and manage your team’s CTAs in the content list easier. Tag them for Related Units or Related Teams, and ask Lisa or Lindsay to delete any CTAs that are obsolete. 

Short description

This field allows you craft the teaser language that will appear on a card on the site, overriding the Hero subtext. If you use it, make sure it speaks to the audience that will see it in a card on another page. 

Meta description

Meta descriptions appear in search engine results and play a role in search engine optimization (SEO). They should be crafted for a general audience that may not be familiar with SEI yet. Be sure to read SEER Interactive’s recommendations for writing strong meta descriptions.