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Drupal turnaround times. Reactions are back. Accessibility 101. User tip for playlists.

September 30, 2022

Drupal turnaround time 

Drupal submissions turnaround time is now increasing to 48 hours. There’s been a significant uptick in content activity since our new site launched, and it hasn’t slowed down for a minute. This is great news for our site content, but please plan for extra time.

Reactions are back

Reactful is ready for use on, with new templates that reflect our brand. The new design gives us consistency across the site, allows us to use brand photography, and provides a streamlined creation and management process.

Your Reactful request process remains the same:

  • Submit Workfront requests for both new requests and recreated projects.
  • Turnaround time is about 2 weeks. Depending on demand and level of complexity, this time period may be extended. Please take this into account when determining your project’s live date. 
  • Tablet reactions are unavailable. Desktop and Mobile devices have been prioritized. 
  • Request a demo. We’ll be happy to set up training for new team members, or if you would like a refresher on the process. Contact David Lydon. 

Lessons in accessibility: Descriptive linked text

It’s good practice to create links using descriptive linked copy (also known as anchor text) for a number of reasons, including accessibility. Visually impaired visitors may rely on electronic screen readers to “see” page content. Screen readers often read all the links on a page as a list, rather than within the context of a sentence. 

This means that your visitor will hear a list of links like this—imagine trying to make sense of it: 

  • “Link: ‘here’”
  • “Link: ‘here’”
  • “Link: ‘click here’”
  • “Link: ‘more’”

Ideally, we want them hear things like this instead: 

  • "Link: ‘Outsourcing the middle office white paper’”
  • “Link: ‘Subscribe to the Nonprofit Committee blog’”
  • “Link: ‘our goals-based investment style’”
  • “Link: ‘Contact us’”

Transcripts for playlists

Adding a transcript to an individual video in Drupal is straightforward, but what about multiple videos in a playlist, where there’s only one transcript field? 

Nicol Cancelmo recently implemented a simple but elegant fix by adding four transcripts into the field, and using headers to refer visitors to each corresponding video in the playlist above. She identified her videos by number, but you could use video titles too. Check out her page: Delivering confident change

Tip: Brightcove video titles are visible in Drupal playlists, so be sure they are reader-friendly.