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New site: Workflow wrinkle

Workflow wrinkle

The Drupal workflow generally works well, but there’s a little hiccup that’s been causing trouble lately. It happens when you save a page to Editor Review, and then reopen it to make an additional edit. Whenever you open a page that’s in Editor Review, Drupal puts the page into Needs Edits status, and the content team won’t know that it’s waiting for review. 

The fix: After you submit a page, check its status in the Moderated content list. If something is stuck in Needs Edits, reopen the page and resave it in Editor Review. If you then open it again while it’s in Editor Review, you’ll be back in Needs Edits, and you’ll have to reopen and resave all over again. 

What’s the Drupal workflow, you ask? 

Here’s a refresher:
1.    Editor Review (you submit your page for review)
2.    The page goes back to you in either:


  • Needs Edits (we review and send it back to you to make corrections
  • Author Review (we review and send the page back to you. We may make edits and fixes. This step is here for you to get your final legal and team approvals) 

3.    Ready to Publish (you submit for publishing; indicates your sign-off on the page) 
4.    Publish (we publish the page)

If you have minor edits to a published page, we’ll normally publish directly, unless there’s an issue.