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New two-column component. New web Workfront templates. Drupal submission reminder: Author Review status


The two-column flexible content component 

Check out a new component that lets you create two columns of content or place an image next to copy. Read about it in the Drupal Guide: 

New in Workfront: Campaign and Web Component templates

Campaign pages are keeping the UX and web content teams busy and we love it. You can easily create a campaign page yourself using Drupal’s Campaign page type—or you can level up and put the expertise of the UX team to work for you. The new Drupal Campaign Page template in Workfront gets your project started. Tip: You’ll be asked to provide context such as the targeted audience and how visitors will arrive on your page—don’t skimp on these details. 

Speak up about Drupal functionality. Did ever wish for a capability that Drupal doesn’t have? Put in a request with the UX team using the new New/Updated Web Component template in Workfront. You can ask for—you guessed it—new components or updates to existing ones. 

Content submission process: Author review

Don’t forget that when you submit pages in Drupal, we’ll edit and make adjustments to your work, even if you already got Legal approval. The Author Review step in the workflow is there for you to get final Legal approval after the Web Content Team review. Read the workflow instructions in the Drupal Guide: