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Experiment in the Drupal sandbox. It's time to get past the fold--Seven steps to better scroll depth.

Using the sandbox site 

Help keep our public site a lean, clean, publishing machine

We have a testing and learning environment that allows you to experiment with layouts and components in a safe setting. Please use it to test things out, rather than the live site, which needs lots of admin care. The sandbox site is a copy of the live site, kept in a contained bubble that never goes public. It’s located at (please bookmark). You can log in with your live site credentials.  

Word of warning: like any good playground, the sandbox is a little messy. Images sometimes don’t display here, and while it’s a copy of the live site, it’s not updated regularly, so you may see some discrepancies. If you change your password on the live site, it may not be reflected on the sandbox right away. Let Lindsey or Lisa know if you need help.

Selling the scroll: seven steps to better scroll depth

Are you guilty of “stuffing” content above the fold in an effort increase engagement? Drupal’s pages were designed to build interest and lead readers right down the page. We give you seven steps to increase scroll engagement and foil the below-the-fold boogeyman. And, we take a close look at IAS' successful campaign page to see how they built excitement from beginning to end of a long page by focusing on the readers’ needs.