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Naming PDFs for GA reports (and readers); building engaging thank you pages

September 1, 2023

Optimizing PDF file names

Naming PDFs for GA reports
The Analytics team can provide a detailed report on your team’s PDF file downloads when you incorporate your unit’s acronym in the file name.  They currently use the following acronyms: AS = Advisor, ITS = Sphere, PB = Private Banks, IMS = IMS, PWM = Private Wealth, INS = Institutional, VEN = Ventures, AMD = Asset Management Distribution, CRP = Corporate, IMU = IMU.  

Reach out to Barb Wing or Dave Lydon if you wish to add another team.

Naming PDFs for readers
Our readers can see our messy PDF file names, and so can search engines. Read our short blog, “Naming PDF files,” for easy steps to optimize PDF file names for both readers and reporting. 

Making the most of thank you pages

A thank you page should welcome an interested visitor, not bring their visit to an end. These pages are short, but important, parts of your prospect’s journey. 

Optimizing your thank you page has benefits such as nurturing a visitor’s interest, building trust, and helping increase metrics like page depth per visit. 

Read our short blog, “The art of the thank you page,” for tips on building inviting thank you pages that keep visitors engaged.