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New Drupal components: Featured Content, Adtrax log

Featured Content component

We have a new component that can make a bold color statement on a page. The Featured Content flexible content component showcases up to four items of linked content on your page. It can be used on Campaign and General pages. Use this attention-grabbing feature strategically where related linked content is central to the goal of the page.

A great example of this component in action: 

Lindsey explains how to use Featured Content in the Drupal Guide: 

New field for your Adtrax numbers

A new field lets you make note of Adtrax record numbers for your pages. This optional field is located on the right sidebar of each page and allows you and your team to keep your number handy for future reference. Just click on “Adtrax” to open the field. 

This is solely for your convenience; the Web Content team doesn’t have a hand in submitting or maintaining your records.