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Old website's time is up; Welcome Lindsey Opsahl; New tech for charts and graphs

December 19, 2022

The old website disappears on January 15 

Our old site (pre-July) is currently stored in a private location, but its time is coming to an end soon. I’ve attached the directions for accessing it. Please take a few minutes and save any content that you would like to reference in the future. 

Saving is simple: 
1.    Open the page in Chrome
2.    Click the three dots in the upper right corner of your browser (Customize and control Google Chrome)
3.    Select More tools
4.    Select Save page as, and save the page to your local folder as type Webpage, Single File (*.mhtml). 

Lindsey Opsahl joins the team

If you haven’t heard the news yet, I’m thrilled to tell you that Lindsey Opsahl is transitioning from her role in Investor Relations to the Web Content team, where she’ll partner with the business units marketing teams to help develop, manage, and implement content across our website and digital content tools. Expect to hear more from her as she gets up to speed in this role. She’ll remain involved with IR until that role is backfilled, while also training in web responsibilities. 

Web content team coverage

The web content team will be providing coverage for publishing pages throughout the holiday break. Please allow extra time for other functions such as consulting or project management.

New technology for chart images

The UX team, led by Tomasz Fryzel, has implemented a technology called Everviz to create digital charts and graphs that are dynamic, accessible (which means that the data can be read by an electronic screen reader), and make labels and title visible to search engines for SEO. This is an important step forward from static images, allowing them to be seen by visitors with visual impairments. When you request a chart or graph in Workfront, the UX team will provide a snippet of Everviz code, and the Web Content team will add that to your page. Continue to use the Web Image or Graphic – Custom WF template, and specify that you need a graph or chart in your project description. 

Happy holidays!